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Fig. 3

From: Hypoxia induces calpain activity and degrades SMAD2 to attenuate TGFβ signaling in macrophages

Fig. 3

SMAD2 protein stability is reduced in response to TGFß/hypoxia. a mRNA expression of SMAD2 followed by quantitative PCR in macrophages stimulated for 8 h with TGFß under normoxia (nor) vs. hypoxia (hy). b Macrophages were stimulated with TGFß for 4 h, followed by the addition of cycloheximide for 0 h to 4 h and subsequent Western blot analysis of SMAD2 expression. c Half-life determination of SMAD2 in TGFß-stimulated macrophages under normoxia (nor) vs. hypoxia (hy) as a result of experiments performed in Fig. 3b

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