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Figure 4

From: Proteomic analysis of mismatch repair-mediated alkylating agent-induced DNA damage response

Figure 4

Examples of peptide tandem mass spectra from differentially-regulated nuclear phosphoproteins of MNNG-treated TK6 and MT1 cells. Peptide pairs were prepared using SILAC method, with the "light" labeling as MNNG treatment group. (A) Peptide pairs (GSGpSQSSVPSVDQFTGVGIR, ALDQFVNFSEQK, DLQDELAGNSEQR) from SMC3 protein, (B) Peptide pairs (ILDPNTGEPAPVLSpSPPPADVSTFLAFPSPEK, MAVQDAVDALMQK) from RAGP1 protein.

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