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Table 2 Different classes of lysine decrotonylases, their co-factors, cellular locations, and substrates

From: Emerging roles of non-histone protein crotonylation in biomedicine

Co-factor Class Members Location Histone Substrate
References Non-histone References
Zn2+-dependent HDAC I HDAC1 Nucleus H3K4, H3K9, H3K18, H3K23, H4K8, and H4K12 [36] NPM1 [17]
   HDAC2 Nucleus H3K9, H3K18, and H4K8 [36] N/A N/A
   HDAC3 Nucleus H3K9, H3K18, and H4K8 [36] NPM1 [17]
   HDAC8 Nucleus H3K4, H3K9, H3K18, H4K8, and H4K12 [36] N/A N/A
NAD+-dependent HDAC III SIRT1 Nucleus/ cytoplasm H3K4, H3K9, and H4K8 [36,37,38] N/A N/A
   SIRT2 cytoplasm H3K4 and H3K9 [37, 38] N/A N/A
   SIRT3 Mitochondria H3K4 [38] N/A N/A
  1. N/A not available