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Table 2 The phenotypes, stimulators and effects of intratumoral γδT cells

From: In respond to commensal bacteria: γδT cells play a pleiotropic role in tumor immunity

Phenotype Stimulator Effect References
γδT17 IL-7; IL-1, IL-23; TGF-β, IL-6 Recruit PMN-MDSC and TAN, increase VEGF, express anti-apoptotic genes [43, 44, 47, 70, 75]
γδTreg TGF-β, IL-15 Increase adenosine, inhibit γδTh1 [49, 80]
γδTh1 IL-2, IL-15 Secret IFN-γ [51, 52]
γδT-APC PAMP Regulate CD4+ or CD8+ T cells, induce mucosa to release calprotectin [67, 68]