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Table 1 Dab2-Ser24 and its flanking sequences are conserved among different species

From: Integrin αIIbβ3 outside-in signaling activates human platelets through serine 24 phosphorylation of Disabled-2

Species AA# P-Site Sequence GenBank accession number
Human 770 S24 18AAPKAPSKKEKKK30 NP_001334.2
Chimpanzee 770 S24 18AAPKAPSKKEKKK30 JAA20332.1
Rhesus Macaque 770 S24 18AAPKAPSKKEKKK30 AFI34301.1
Dog 770 S24 18AAPKAPSKKEKKK30 XP_536493.2
Platypus 758 S24 18TAPKVPSKKEKKK30 XP_001507342.2
Rat 768 S24 18AAPKAPSKKEKKK30 NP_077073.1
Mouse 766 S24 18AAPKAPSKKEKKK30 NP_075607.2
Hamster 765 S24 18AAPKVPSKKEKKK30 XP_003503146.1
Chicken 715 S26 20PPKAQTSKKEKKK32 XP_015133025.1
Frog 555 S24 18PTAKPPSKKEKKK30 NP_001165652.1
Zebra Danio 668 S21 15PPFKTPSKKEKKK27 XP_001920879.3
  1. AA# number of amino acids, P-Site the amino acid corresponding to human Dab2 Ser24 phosphorylation site