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Table 3 Clinical trials conducted using umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of SCI

From: Treatment of spinal cord injury with mesenchymal stem cells

References Acute, subactute or chronic AIS grade Number of patients Sources of MSCs Route of administration Number of cells Frequency of injection Safety outcome Efficacy outcome
[7] Chronic 22 UC Intrathecal 1 × 106 UC-MSCs/kg b.w. Weekly 4 times as a course (17, 4 and 1 patients received 1, 2 and 3 courses respectively) No AE 13/16 patients with incomplete SCI showed improvement in ASIA and IANR-SCIFRS score. 0/6 patients with complete SCI showed improvement
[61] Chronic A 34 UC Intraspinal 4 × 107 UC-MSCs 2 (separate by 10 days) No AE 7/10 (70%), 5/14 (36%) and 0/10 (0%) patients in the UC-MSC, rehabilitation and untreated control group showed improvement in ASIA score, Barthel Index and muscle tension
  1. MSCs Mesenchymal stem cells, AIS ASIA Impairment Scale, UC umbilical cord, ASIA American Spinal Injury Association, IANR-SCIFRS International Association of Neurorestoratology Spinal Cord Injury Functional Rating Scale, AE adverse event