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Table 2 Summary of T-type Ca2+ channel distribution and the related channelopathy

From: Pathophysiological roles and therapeutic potential of voltage-gated ion channels (VGICs) in pain associated with herpesvirus infection

Channel Main distribution Inflammatory pain Neuropathic pain Herpes virus-induced pain Other related disease
Cav3.1 Excitatory neurons, inhibitory GABAergic neurons, TG and DRG Decrease [140, 141] Increase [138, 139] N/A Absence seizure, sleep/weak activity
Cav3.2 Small and medium diameter DRG Increase [146] Increase [147,148,149,150,151,152] Decrease (lytic) [12, 18] Cardiovascular disease, autism, hyperaldosteronism and seizure
Cav3.3 Small diameter neurons, smooth muscle cells Increased [146] Increase [147, 148] N/A Absence seizure
  1. A report showed that HSV-1 infection has no regulatory effect on the expression of VGCC [10], but it did not indicate the regulatory effect of specific subtypes
  2. N/A not applicable