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Table 1 Summary of the research phase of the mTOR inhibitors

From: mTOR signaling pathway and mTOR inhibitors in cancer: progress and challenges

mTOR inhibitorsApplied tumorPhaseReferences
EverolimusRCCFDA approved
TemsirolimusAdvanced RCCFDA approved
ICSN3250Colon cancer cellPre-clinical studiesNguyen et al. [53]
LY3023414Solid tumor or lymphomaPhase I clinical trialBendell et al. [54]
OSU-53Thyroid cancer cellPre-clinical studiesPlews et al. [55]
AZD8055OCCC cellPre-clinical studiesCaumanns et al. [59]
EverolimusAggressive and RAIR thyroid cancerPhase II clinical trialHanna et al. [60]
RapamycinPancreatic cancerPre-clinical studiesMorran et al. [61]
TemsirolimusPCNSLPhase II clinical trialKorfel et al. [62]
  1. RCC renal cell carcinoma, OCCC ovarian clear cell carcinoma, RAIR radioactive iodine-refractory, PCNSL primary central nervous system lymphoma, FDA Food and Drug Administration