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Fig. 6

From: Enhanced efficiency in isolation and expansion of hAMSCs via dual enzyme digestion and micro-carrier

Fig. 6

Expansion of hAMSCs isolated from human amniotic membrane by dual enzyme (1) and collagenase I (2) digestion methods. P1, primary cultured hAMSCs, P2-P10, 2–10 passages of subcultured 5 × 106 hAMSCs on tissue culture plates. Results are reported as mean ± SE of the number of live plus dead hAMSCs counted in a haemocytometer (n = 30 assays/group). Statistical analysis was carried out by means of Student’s t-tests, One-way ANOVA using SPSS 11.0. Values of *p < 0.05 and **p < 0.01 were considered statistically significant

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