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Fig. 5

From: Hsa_circ_0051079 functions as an oncogene by regulating miR-26a-5p/TGF-β1 in osteosarcoma

Fig. 5

MiR-26a-5p suppressed osteosarcoma cell proliferation and invasion by targeting TGFB1 expression. a The putative sequences of miR-26a-5p and TGF-β1 with a binding site. b, c The luciferase activity of TGF-β1 3′UTR. U2OS and SaoS2 cells were transfected with plasmids containing wild type reporter for TGF-β1, or mutated reporter for TGF-β1 or miR-26a-5p and then luciferase activity was analyzed by dual luciferase system. d, e TGF-β1 mRNA and protein levels in U2OS and SaoS2 cells with miR-26a-5p up-regulation. U2OS and SaoS2 cells were transfected with miR-26a-5p and total RNA or protein was extracted for real time RT-PCR or Western blotting respectively. f Total RNA was extracted from osteosarcoma tissues for TGF-β1 mRNA detection by real time RT-PCR. The adjacent tissues were the controls. **p < 0.01

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