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Table 2 MiRNAs and their downregulated mRNA targets in the autophagy cascade

From: Potential microRNA-related targets in clearance pathways of amyloid-β: novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

miR-144, miR-99b-5p, miR-199a-3pAutophagy initiationmTOR[102,103,104]
miR-100 RAPTOR[105]
miR-181b mLST8[106]
miR-375 DEPTOR[107]
miR-25 ULK1[108]
miR-26b ULK2[109]
miR-4459 ATG13[110]
miR-224-3p FIP200[111]
miR-17-5p, miR-30aVesicle nucleationBECN1[112, 113]
miR-195, miR-152 ATG14[114, 115]
miR-33a, miR-183 UVRAG[116, 117]
miR-21 VPS34[118]
miR-299-5p, miR-181aAutophagosome elongationATG5[119, 120]
miR-23b, miR-200b ATG12[121, 122]
miR-142-3p, miR-410 ATG16L1[123, 124]
miR-188-3p, miR-17 ATG7[125, 126]
miR-4458, miR-4667-5p, miR-4668-5p ATG10[127]
miR-34a ATG4B[128]
miR-155 ATG3[129]
miR-204, miR-497 LC3-II[130, 131]