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Fig. 3

From: KIF5B modulates central spindle organization in late-stage cytokinesis in chondrocytes

Fig. 3

Cytokinetic phenotype in Kif5b knockdown ATDC5 cells. a Western blot of protein extracts from single cell clones with stable expression of sh-ctl or sh-kif5b constructs. b Immunofluorescence of KIF5B (green) in sh-Kif5b clone #4. Scale bar: 10 μm. c sh-ctl and sh-Kif5b cells stained with α-tubulin (red) and DAPI (blue). Yellow asterisks denote typical binucleated cells. Scale bar: 20 μm. d Quantification of the bi- and multi-nucleation rate in control cell clones (n = 3, sh-ctl clone #1–3) and Kif5b-knockdown cell clones (n = 5, sh-Kif5b clone #4–8). ***P < 0.0001; unpaired two-tailed t-test. Data are mean ± S.D. e Re-introduced GFP tagged full length KIF5B reduced the bi- and multi-nucleation rate in Kif5b knockdown ATDC5 cells clone #4 (n = 10 independent experiments) and #5 (n = 5 independent experiments). ***P < 0.0001; unpaired two-tailed t-test. Data are mean ± S.D. f Time-lapse images of sh-ctl and sh-Kif5b cells in mitosis. Scale bar: 10 μm. g Quantification of duration of cytokinesis in sh-ctl cells (n = 84 cells from sh-ctl clone #1–3) and sh-Kif5b cells (n = 68 cells from sh-Kif5b clone #4, #5 and #8). ***P < 0.0001; two-tailed Mann–Whitney U-test. The whisker plot shows median (lines), interquartile range (boxes) and 5% to 95% percentile (whiskers). Duration of cytokinesis was calculated from the furrow ingression to the final separation of the two daughter cells. Cells fusing back were not included in this analysis

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