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Table 1 Preclinical of agents targeting TAMs for HCC treatment

From: Macrophages and hepatocellular carcinoma

Mechanism of action Compound Target Results References
Inhibition of monocytes recruitment RDC018 or knockout of CCR2 CCR2 antagonist Inhibit malignant growth and metastasis, reduces postsurgical recurrence [103]
747 CCR2 antagonist Anticancer properties and potentiated the efficacy of sorafenib in mouse models of HCC [93]
CCL2-neutralizing antibody CCL2 Reduce liver damage, HCC incidence, and tumor burden in mouse models [104]
GC33 Glypican-3 Phase I study for advanced HCC [108, 109]
Eliminating TAMs Clodrolip or Zoledronic acid   Enhance the inhibitory effect of sorafenib in nude mouse models [115]
Zoledronic acid   Enhance the effects of TACE in rat HCC models [116]
Re-educating TAMs PLX3397 CSF-1 receptor Delayed tumor growth and increase in CD8+ T cells [119]
Baicalin   Inhibition of tumor growth [117]
8-Bromo-7-methoxychrysin CD163 Disrupt the interaction of liver cancer stem-like cells and TAMs [118]
Neutralizing products of TAMs Tocilizumab IL-6 receptor Inhibit TAM-stimulated activity of human HCC stem cells in vitro and in vivo [87]