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Fig. 2

From: Function and mechanism of long non-coding RNA Gm21284 in the development of hippocampal cholinergic neurons

Fig. 2

Identification of differential lncRNAs associated with Lhx8 by ceRNA strategy. a Prediction of top 10 miRNAs targeting on 3′UTR of Lhx8 by miRanda. b, c Western blots showed lower expression of Lhx8 in miRNA cells and mimics transfected LV-Lhx8 PC12 cells compared to empty vector infected cells. The difference in Lhx8 expression level between the two groups was significant (P < 0.05). d Selection and determination of Lhx8 associated lncRNAs. Colored circles represent various lncRNAs: red circle represents the 125 lncRNAs up-regulated in the Gene Chip; yellow circle represents the co-expression of 26 lncRNAs associated with Lhx8 in the co-expression analysis network; brown circle represents the 23 lncRNAs with the same expression module of Lhx8 in WGCNA; blue circle represents 32 lncRNAs predicted by miRanda, which is associated with miR-30e-3P, miR-431, and miR-503-5p, 2 lncRNAs were confirmed after intersection

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