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Fig. 1

From: Optogenetic stimulation inhibits the self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 1

Functional expression of ChR2 in V6.5 ESCs. a FACS sorting based on the GFP expression in the cell population. A gate for the 5% of cells with the most fluorescence was selected. b Brightfield image of ChR2-GFP-V6.5 ESCs after FACS sorting. c Cell proliferation assay of V6.5 ESCs and ChR2-GFP-V6.5 ESCs. d Laser confocal scanning of ChR2-GFP-V6.5 ESCs revealing ChR2-GFP in the membrane. e Electrophysiological recording of light (wavelength of 470 nm) of various intensities stimulating inward currents in ChR2-GFP-V6.5 ESCs (the blue bar represents the light stimulation). Inset, representative ChR2 photocurrents at a light intensity of 5 mW (n = 6, *P < 0.05 compared to the wild-type control)

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