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Fig. 3

From: Deoxysphingolipids and ether-linked diacylglycerols accumulate in the tissues of aged mice

Fig. 3

Volcano plot of the fold changes in the levels of ether-linked diacylglycerols and ethanolamine plasmalogens. Ether-linked DAG (pink square: cerebral cortex; blue triangle: liver; yellow circle: femoral muscle; gray diamond: epididymal fat tissue) and ethanolamine plasmalogens (white square: cerebral cortex; white triangle: liver; white circle: femoral muscle; white diamond: epididymal fat tissues) between aged and young mice and the corresponding p-values. Each data point represents the mean value of five mice per group and different carbon chain-length and degree of unsaturation of fatty acid in each metabolite. A log 10 scale is used for the x-axis

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