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Fig. 7

From: LncRNA MALAT1 promotes osteoarthritis by modulating miR-150-5p/AKT3 axis

Fig. 7

MiR-150-5p reverses the effects of MALAT1 or AKT3 on ECM degradation in OA. a, b Western blot of MMP-13, ADAMTS-5, collagen II and aggrecan after transfection with NC + miR-NC, MALAT1 + miR-NC, NC + miR-150-5p, MALAT1 + miR-150-5p, miR-NC + AKT3, miR-150-5p + AKT3, anti-NC + anti-NC, si-MALAT1 + anti-NC, si-NC + anti-miR-150-5p, si-MALAT1 + anti-miR-150-5p, anti-NC + si-AKT3, and miR-150-5p + si-AKT3 before IL-1β treatment. *P < 0.05

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