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Fig. 4

From: LncRNA MALAT1 promotes osteoarthritis by modulating miR-150-5p/AKT3 axis

Fig. 4

MALAT1 depletion inhibits cell proliferation and enhances cell apoptosis during OA progression. a qRT-PCR of MALAT1 after the transfection of si-MALAT1. 10 ng/mL IL-1β used to induce OA. b MTT assay was applied to measure the proliferation ability of chondrocytes after transfecting with si-MALAT1 and the stimulation of 10 ng/mL IL-1β for 24 h. c, d Apoptosis of chondrocytes was examined by flow cytometry after the same treatment in b. si-NC: treated with si-MALAT1 scramble; control: not treated with IL-1β. e Western blot was used to examine the levels of apoptosis-related protein cleaved-PARP, Bax, and Bcl-2. *P < 0.05

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