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Table 1 CRISPR Cpf1 web base designing tools

From: CRISPR Cpf1 proteins: structure, function and implications for genome editing

Web base tool Type of Cpf1 orthologues PAM sequence Uniform resource locator
Breaking-Cas AsCpf1 TTTV (in 5′)
AsCpf1 (RVR variant) TVTV (in 5′)
AsCpf1(RR variant) TYCV (in 5′)
Cas-OFFinder AsCpf1/LbCpf1 TTTN (in 5′)
AsCpf1/LbCpf1 TTTV (in 5′)
FnCpf1 TTN (in 5′)
FnCpf1 KYTV (in 5′)
CHOPCHOP Cpf1 TTTN (in 5′)
CRISPOR AsCpf1/LbCpf1 TTTV (in 5′)
AsCpf1/LbCpf1 TTTN (in 5′)
CCTOP AsCpf1/LbCpf1 TTTN (in 5′)