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Fig. 1

From: The Y-linked proto-oncogene TSPY contributes to poor prognosis of the male hepatocellular carcinoma patients by promoting the pro-oncogenic and suppressing the anti-oncogenic gene expression

Fig. 1

Overexpression of TSPY in HuH-7 cells using the Tet-ON system. a Schematic diagram of the Tet-ON system, in which the expression levels of TSPY and EGFP are upregulated by doxycycline (Dox) treatment via recruitment of the rtTA transcription activator onto the Tet-responsive promoter. b Confirmation of doxycycline-induced TSPY expression by western-blot analysis. β-actin was tested as a reference. c Immunofluorescence analysis showed that TSPY (red) and co-expressed EGFP (green) were expressed in the HuH-7-tetON-TSPY cells cultured with and without Dox. DNA was visualized by DAPI staining (blue). d Cell proliferation assay showing HuH-7-tetON-TSPY cells (red line) proliferated faster than HuH-7-tetO-EGFP cells (green line) in the presence of 1 µg/mL Dox

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