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Fig. 7

From: Dynamics expression of DmFKBP12/Calstabin during embryonic early development of Drosophila melanogaster

Fig. 7

The schematic distribution of DmFKBP12 mRNA during Drosophila embryogenesis within four stages of syncytial blastoderm, cellular blastoderm, early and late gastrulation. ad The distribution and intensity of DmFKBP12 mRNA along with longitudinal axis of Drosophila at syncytial blastoderm, cellular blastoderm, early gastrulae and late gastrulae. The stage indicating on the left for Drosophila development is quoted from Ref [35]. CN is short for Cleavage nucleus; YK, Yolk; BL, Blastoderm cell; ST, Stomodaeum; SLD :Salivary gland duct; MG, Midgut; PMG, Posterior midgut rudiment; FG, Foregut; MP, Malpighian tubules; VNS, Ventral nervous system; PMUS, Pharyngeal musculature; PH, Pharynx; PV, Proventriculus; HG, Hindgut; HY, Hypoderm; OES, Oesophagus

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