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Fig. 1

From: EF-hand domain containing 2 (Efhc2) is crucial for distal segmentation of pronephros in zebrafish

Fig. 1

Expression of efhc2 mRNA during zebrafish development. RT-PCR and whole embryo mRNA in situ hybridization (WISH) was carried out on different stages of zebrafish development. a RT-PCR analysis of efhc2 mRNA expression during zebrafish development. ef1α was used as loading control. b Ubiquitous expression of efhc2 at 6 hpf. c efhc2 expression in kupffer’s vesicle (KV) at 9 hpf. d Expression in the intermediate mesoderm (IM), notochord (NC) and otic vesicle (O) at 12 hpf. e Expression of efhc2 in olfactory placode (OP), pronephros (P), epiphysis (E), notochord (NC), otic vesicle (O) and in tailbud (TB) at 24 hpf. f Magnified image of zebrafish trunk show strong expression of efhc2 in PST and DE and low expression in PCT, DL and PD. g Dorsal view of 24 hpf embryos showing its expression in pronephros. h, i Two colour WISH of pdzk1 and efhc2. J Section through trunk showing efhc2 expression in pronephros (P). k, l Expression of efhc2 in epiphysis, pronephros, notochord, otic vesicle and in tail bud at 36 and 48 hpf. (M) Expression of efhc2 in neuromast cells and olfactory placode at 72 hpf

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