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Fig. 7

From: A role of Pumilio 1 in mammalian oocyte maturation and maternal phase of embryogenesis

Fig. 7

Lack of maternal PUM1 in oocytes causes an increase in CDK1 protein levels. a Representative images of the immunostaining of WT (Pum1+/+) and KO (Pum1/) MII oocytes with the anti-CDK1 antibody. Scale bar (white): 50 μm. b The quantification of the fluorescence signal. n = total number of oocytes scored. CTCF, corrected total cellular fluorescence (units) per oocyte (mean ± SD); WT, Pum1+/+ MII oocytes; KO, Pum1/ MII oocytes. * p < 0.05

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