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Fig. 3

From: A role of Pumilio 1 in mammalian oocyte maturation and maternal phase of embryogenesis

Fig. 3

Pum1/ MII oocytes show significant changes in transcriptome compared to Pum1+/+ MII oocytes, and lack of PUM1 protein during oocyte maturation leads to a reduction in the dynamics of the mRNA pool. a Heatmap of Spearman correlation coefficient of Pum1+/+ (WT) and Pum1/ (KO) GV and MII oocytes. b, c Scatterplots of the unchanged and differentially expressed (DE) genes for WT GV vs. KO GV and WT MII vs. KO MII. d Gene ontology analysis using Gene Ontology Consortium website was performed on the genes up/downregulated in KO compared to WT MII oocytes. e, f Scatterplots of the DE and unchanged genes during Pum1+/+ (WT) and Pum1/ (KO) oocyte maturation

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