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Table 2 Summary of potential phosphosites on MCMs

From: Role of MCM2–7 protein phosphorylation in human cancer cells

Protein Kinase Phosphosite References
MCM2 Cdc7 S31, S220 [43]
Cdc7 S4, S7 [37]
Cdk2/CycE1 S13, S27, S381 [37]
Cdk1, Cdk2 S13, S27, S41 [19]
SIK1 S7, S27, S41, Y90, S139 [61]
CK2 S139 [19]
MCM4 Cdk2/CycE1 T94 [37]
MCM7 Cdk2/CycE S365 [37]