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Fig. 7

From: Long non-coding RNA CASC15 promotes melanoma progression by epigenetically regulating PDCD4

Fig. 7

Down-regulation of CASC15 represses melanoma tumorigenesis in vivo. A375 cells stably transfected with sh-con or sh-CASC15 were injected into nude mice (n = 6). a Tumor volumes of mice in sh-con and sh-CASC15 groups were detected every 4 days. b Representative images of excised tumor masses. c Tumor weights were calculated in sh-con and sh-CASC15 groups. df The expression patterns of Ki-67, CASC15 and PDCD4 were assessed in tumors derived from sh-con- and sh-CASC15-transfected A375 cells. Results are represented as mean ± SD of three independent experiments. **P < 0.01

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