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Table 1 Summary on the major tumor cell lines, mouse models and points of view from 6 independent studies

From: Tumor cells versus host immune cells: whose PD-L1 contributes to PD-1/PD-L1 blockade mediated cancer immunotherapy?

Authors Journal Major tumor cells used Major mouse models used Proposed source(s) of PD-L1 contributed to tumor evasion
Noguchi et al. [3] Cancer Immunology Research MCA-induced sarcoma T3 and T9; T3ΔPDL1 clones; T9-PD-L1ovr clone; T9-PD-L1phy clone; 129S6 WT and Rag2−/− mice Both tumors and host immune cells (particularly tumor associated macrophages)
Lau et al. [4] Nature Communications Colon tumor MC38 and CT26; PD-L1-KO/inducible MC38/CT26 clones; BALB/c; C57BL/6; Rag2−/−; PD-L1−/− mice Disparate cellular sources, including tumor cells, myeloid or other immune cells
Kleinovink et al. [5] OncoImmunology MC38 and CT26; PD-L1-KO MC38/CT26 clones C57BL/6; BALB/c mice Both malignant cells and immune cells
Juneja et al. [6] The Journal of Experimental Medicine MC38; melanoma B16.F10; BRAF.PTEN; PD-L1-KO MC38/BRAF.PTEN clones C57BL/6; PD-1−/−; PD-L1−/−; PD-L1−/−PD-L2−/− mice Context-dependent;
For MC38 model, PD-L1 on tumors; For BRAF.PTEN and B16.F10 + Gvax models, PD-L1 on non-tumor cells
Tang et al. [7] The Journal of Clinical Investigation MC38, B lymphoma A20; T lymphoma E.G7; PD-L1-KO MC38/A20 clones C57BL/6; BALB/c; Rag1−/−; CD11b-DTR; NSG; PD-L1−/− mice The contribution of PD-L1 on tumor cells is largely dispensable; PD-L1 on host myeloid cells is essential
Lin et al. [8] The Journal of Clinical Investigation MC38; B16-F10; lung cancer LLC; ovarian cancer ID8; PD-L1-KO/over-expression MC38/ID8/B16-F10 clones; C57BL/6; NSG; Rag1−/−; PD-L1−/−; PD-1−/− mice PD-L1 on tumor cells does not contribute to PD-L1 blockade efficacy; PD-L1 on host DCs and macrophages predicts clinical efficacy of PD-L1/PD-1 blockade
  1. T3ΔPDL1; T3 cells with deficiency of PD-L1; T9-PD-L1ovr: T9 cells with over-expression of PD-L1; T9-PD-L1phy: T9 cells with physiological levels of PD-L1 expression; KO: knock out; DTR, diphtheria toxin receptor; NSG: NOD (non-obese diabetic) SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) gamma mice; B16.F10 + Gvax, B16.F10 melanoma combined with GVAX