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Fig. 3

From: INAVA promotes aggressiveness of papillary thyroid cancer by upregulating MMP9 expression

Fig. 3

Silencing of INAVA inhibits cell invasion, migration and metastasis. a Protein expression levels of INAVA in INAVA-silencing and vector-control cells were analyzed by WB. α-Tubulin was used as a loading control. Representative images (b) and quantification (c) of transwell migration assays in indicated cells. Representative images (d) and quantification (e) of transwell invasion assays in indicated cells. f Scratch wound healing assays were performed in indicated cells (left) and quantification analyses for the assays were shown (right). g Representative bioluminescence images in mice with tail vein injection of the indicated cells (left) and representative histopathology of lung metastasis stained with HE was shown (right). For bf, data are quantified as mean ± SD of 3 independent experiments in the bar graphs. *P < 0.05

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