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Table 1 Similarities and disparities among apoptosis, SD, SICD and necrosis

From: There are only four basic modes of cell death, although there are many ad-hoc variants adapted to different situations

Death mode Who dies? Who kills? Prog. Nature Normal or not Inflam. R & H Scar Scavenged Cell line Cell–cell communication
w Scav. w Nor. S vs N
Apoptosis Normal but useless cell Animal body Yes Suicide Physiological No No No Evident No Yes Yes Yes
SD Normal but useful cell Worn-out Yes Suicide Physiological No Yes No Evident No Yes Yes No
 SIaLCD Useful but damaged cell Exo/endo stress Yes Suicide Pathological No Yes No Evident Yes Yes Yes Yes
 SInLCD Yes Maybe
Necrosis Normal and useful cell Exo stress No Homicide Pathological Yes Yes Maybe Not evident Yes No No No
  1. Primary cells in culture dish may undergo SD but cell lines may not as they are immortalized
  2. Exo/endo exogenous or endogenous, Prog. programmed, Inflam. inflammation, R & H regeneration and would healing, w Scav. with scavenger cells, w Nor. with normal sibling cells, S vs N scavengers with normal sibling cells