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Table 1 Efficiency of HDR and mutation correction in HCT-116 cells transfected with a Cas9 co-expression vector in the presence or absence of ssODN and SCR7

From: Ligase IV inhibitor SCR7 enhances gene editing directed by CRISPR–Cas9 and ssODN in human cancer cells

Donor Groups Rate of HDR (%) Correction (%)
No donors Cas9 4/107 (3.7) 3/107 (2.8)
Cas9 + SCR7 8/114 (7.0) 7/114 (6.1)
β-cateninWT-96 Cas9 + ssODN 13/155 (8.4) 11/155 (7.1)
Cas9 + ssODN + SCR7 22/151 (14.6)* 21/151 (13.9)*
  1. HCT-116 cells were transfected with the pCS2-Cas9-IRES-eGFP-β-catenin-gRNA(ΔTCT) co-expression vector with or without the addition of β-cateninWT-96 ssODN and SCR7 (10 μM) treatment. The rates of HDR and mutation-correction were derived from direct DNA sequencing of GFP-positive cells as described in the methods. These statistical assays were performed by One-side Chi square test
  2. * p < 0.05 compared to the corresponding Cas9 + ssODN group