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Table 3 Protein identification compared between B. pseudomallei wild type (WT) and rpoS mutant in non-redundant sequence database (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

From: Investigation of host–pathogen interaction between Burkholderia pseudomallei and autophagy-related protein LC3 using hydrophobic chromatography-based technique

NCBI accession number UniProt accession number Protein ID Function ID score WT intensity rpoS mutant intensity
WP_004535437 A0A0E1ULU6_BURPE ABC transporter periplasmic substrate-binding protein Transporter activity 13.86 7.801 0
WP_011205607 Q63KG6_BURPS EscN/YscN/HrcN family type III secretion system ATPase ATP binding proton-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism 8.19 0 10.503
WP_009927958 Hypothetical protein 0.02 0 8.970
WP_009948880 Pca operon transcription factor PcaQ, partial 16.54 0 9.642
WP_004537907 A8E9U6_BURPE ATPase AAA 5.62 8.343 9.056
ABN91906 C4KQZ1_BURPE Response regulator DNA binding, phosphorylation signal transduction system 15.60 10.259 9.150
AFI66716 A0A0H3HLA2_BURP2 Hypothetical protein 12.39 9.870 6.858
WP_011204911 Q63WN9_BURPS Hypothetical protein 7.60 9.240 10.529
ABA51435 Q3JLA7_BURP1 Hypothetical protein 7.31 8.264 9.84