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Table 2 miRNA and diabetic retinopathy

From: Diabetic retinopathy: reversibility of epigenetic modifications and new therapeutic targets

Refs Study type Identified miRNA
Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol [40] Clinical study (serum & vitreous) miR-15a, miR-320b, miR-93, miR-423-5p, miR-29a, miR-320a
Diabetes [23] Clinical study (serum) miR-27b, miR-454, miR-28-3p, miR-122, miR-320a, miR-125b, miR-221
Sci Rep [60] Clinical study (serum) miR-125b, miR-221, miR-132, miR-100, miR-376a
IOVS Nuria [41] Clinical study (E/PCs) miR-221, miR-126, miR-222
Cell Physiol Biochem [42] Clinical study (serum) miR-21, miR-181c, miR-1179
FEBS Lett [43] Invitro/animal OIR mice study Retina miR-184
BRBC [44] Invitro/animal study Retina miR-192-5P, miR-335
Diabetologia [34] Invitro/animal diabetic rats (E/PCs) miR-195
Circ Res [45] Invitro/animal (STZ diabetic rat/db/db mice) Retina/(E/PCs) IncRNA-myocardial infarction-associated transcript (MIAT)and miR—150
Int J Med Sci [46] Invitro/animal STZ diabetic rat study Retina miR-126
Mol Vis [47] Invitro/animal STZ diabetic rat study Retina miR-29b
IOVS [48] Invitro/animal Akita mouse/(E/PCs) miR-146,miR-200b
IOVS [49] Invitro/animal Retina/(E/PCs) miR-200b
IOVS [50] Invitro/animal Akita and wild-type (WT) mice study Retina miR-200b
Diabetes [51] Invitro/animal (STZ diabetic rat) study Retina miR-200b
Molecular Therapy [52] Animal study (mice with oxygen-induced ischemic retinopathy) retina miR-106a,-146,-181,-199a,-214,-424, -451
miR-31, miR-150, miR-184
The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology [32] Invitro study
In vitro cell proliferation analyses