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Fig. 4

From: Phosphorylation of LSD1 by PLK1 promotes its chromatin release during mitosis

Fig. 4

PLK1 phosphorylates LSD1 at Ser-126. a PLK1 phosphorylates LSD1 in vitro. In vitro kinase assays in the presence of 32P-ATP were performed by incubating bacterially produced HIS-PLK1 with HIS-LSD1 or its point mutants. b Mass spectrometry analysis identified Ser126 as the confident phosphorylation sites of LSD1 by PLK1. In vitro phosphorylated LSD1 by PLK1 with cold ATP was subjected to trypsin digestion and mass spectrometric analysis. c Ser126 of human LSD1 is conserved from human to zebrafish. Polypeptides surrounding the Ser-126 site from different species were aligned

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