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Table 2 Assembly of H. avenae transcriptomes from two independent studies

From: Comparative analysis of pre- and post-parasitic transcriptomes and mining pioneer effectors of Heterodera avenae

H. avenae transcriptome assembled This paper Kumar et al. [20]
Num. of total reads 1,066,481 144,868,609
Num. of aligned reads 933,304 78,113,600
Num. of contigs 10,811 27,765
Length range of contigs (bp) 51–13,668 101–9075
Mean length of contigs (bp) 1442 682
N50 of contigs (bp) 1754 1028
Num. of singletonsa 71,401
Length range of singletons (bp) 50–1248
Average length of singletons (bp) 430
Total transcripts length (Mb) 19.31 18.93
  1. a Singletons represent the reads that cannot be assembled in contigs