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Fig. 1

From: Bioinformatic analysis reveals the expression of unique transcriptomic signatures in Zika virus infected human neural stem cells

Fig. 1

Comprehensive gene set gene ontology analysis. Gene ontology analysis was performed on hNPC genes whose expression was significantly altered following infection with ZIKV for 56 h. Transcript enrichment significance was determined using the human protein coding genome as the reference background. a Regulation of nucleic acid metabolism was the only biological process sub-ontology enriched with ZIKV up-regulated genes. Down-regulated genes were enriched for pathways related to cell cycle regulation and general metabolism. All significant terms are presented. b Cellular component enrichment indicated down-regulated genes generally associated with chromosomal regions, the extracellular matrix, and centrosomes. Up-regulated genes showed the most enrichment for the Golgi apparatus. Both up- and down-regulated genes were significantly enriched in nuclear sites. Enrichment scores were sorted by the most significant terms, and the top 11 compartments are represented. (q < 0.05)

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