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Fig. 3

From: MiR-690, a Runx2-targeted miRNA, regulates osteogenic differentiation of C2C12 myogenic progenitor cells by targeting NF-kappaB p65

Fig. 3

miR-690 is directly regulated by Runx2. a Schematic representation of mouse mir-690 genomic locus, which indicates the locations of the four potential Runx2-binding sites. The italic letters indicate the core sequence of each site. b EMSA shows the interaction between mir-690 site (Runx2-2) and Runx2 in Dox-treated cells. The bottom arrow indicates the DNA–protein complex (BS). The top arrow indicates the Runx2-supershifed complex. WT wild-type, Mut mutant. c ChIP analysis was performed to confirm the interaction of Runx2 with mir-690 promoter in vivo. PCR was performed with primer-1, which was designed to amplify a fragment of the mir-690 promoter flanking the Runx2-2 site. The primer-2 for an unrelated part (−1800/− 1653) in the distal 5′ flanking region of the Runx2-2 site was utilized for the control reaction in this ChIP analysis

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