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Fig. 5

From: The expansion of autologous adipose-derived stem cells in vitro for the functional reconstruction of nasal mucosal tissue

Fig. 5

H&E staining, Masson’s staining and AB-PAS staining. Prior to the injection of ADSCs (a, c) compared to the findings 30 days after the injection of ADSCs (b, d), the nasal mucosa was infiltrated with lymphocytes and neutrophils (b). Furthermore, the collagenous fibers became aligned and collagenous fiber deposition (arrow) decreased after treatment (d). After AB-PAS staining for mucosa tissue, each group of mucosa shows as followed figures e and f. Mucosal proteins generated from cyathiform cell were discontinued, and the gland under mucosa experience compensatory hyperplasia (e); 30 days after ADSC injections (f), mucosal proteins generated from the cyathiform cell were evenly distributed throughout the nasal mucosa

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