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Fig. 5

From: Integrated transcriptional profiling and genomic analyses reveal RPN2 and HMGB1 as promising biomarkers in colorectal cancer

Fig. 5

Association of RPN2, NFkB1 and HMGB1 protein expression with clinicopathological features in a cohort of CRC. a Immunohistochemical analysis of RPN2, HMGB1 and NFkB1 protein expression was performed in a cohort of additional 78 CRC specimens. H&E refers to Hematoxylin and Eosin staining. Microscope images were taken at either ×100 or ×400 magnifications. The low-scale bar represents 200 μm and high-scale bar corresponds to 50 μm. b Correlation analysis of RPN2, NFkB1 and HMGB1 expression by gender, age, stages, metastasis, tumor location, and histological differentiation in 78 CRC samples. The cases with metastasis were divided into lymph node only and distant metastasis. *Corresponds to a p value <0.05 (Fisher’s exact test)

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