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Fig. 5

From: Characterization of novel carcinoma cell lines for the analysis of therapeutical strategies fighting pancreatic cancer

Fig. 5

Characterization of carcinoma cell lines in vivo. a Characteristic T2-weighted MRI of 6606PDA, 6606l, and 7265PDA cell derived carcinomas (arrows) during early phase of tumor growth (day 5/6). b Characteristic T2-weighted MRI of carcinomas (arrows) during late phase of tumor growth (day 20). c Graphical presentation of the number of cell injections carried out and the number of detected tumors at the first MRI or the second MRI for 6606PDA, 6606l, and 7265PDA cells (number of mice analyzed: n = 6 for 6606PDA; n = 6 for 6606l, n = 11 for 7265PDA). d Comparison of tumor weight for indicated cell lines on day 21. Number of tumors analyzed: n = 6 for 6606PDA; n = 5 for 6606l, n = 1 for 7265PDA; 2 independent experiments

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