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Fig. 6

From: Co-administration with DNA encoding papillomavirus capsid proteins enhances the antitumor effects generated by therapeutic HPV DNA vaccination

Fig. 6

Comparison of OVA-specific CD8+ T cell responses induced by pcDNA3-OVA vaccination with or without co-administration of BPV L1 or L2. a. Schematic illustration of the experiment. Briefly, 5 ~ 8 weeks old female C57BL/6 mice (3 mice/group) were vaccinated with 10 μg/mouse of pcDNA3-OVA, with either 10 μg/mouse of pcDNA3, or pcDNA3-BPVL1, or pcDNA3-BPVL2 via intramuscular injection. The mice were boosted with the same regimen once after one week. 7 days after the last vaccination, PBMCs were collected from peripheral blood, stained with FITC-conjugated anti-mouse CD8a antibody, PE-conjugated OVA peptide (SIINFEKL) loaded H-2Kb tetramer. The data were acquired with FACSCalibur and analyzed with CellQuest. b. Representative flow cytometry image of PBMC staining. c. Summary of the flow cytometry data

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