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Figure 1

From: Up-regulation of the Hippo pathway effector TAZ renders lung adenocarcinoma cells harboring EGFR-T790M mutation resistant to gefitinib

Figure 1

Enhanced expression of TAZ in gefitinib-resistant cell. (A) Lysates derived from human bronchial epithelial cell line 16HBE, lung adenocarcinoma cell lines A549, cisplatin-resistant A549/DDP, gefitinib-sensitive PC9 and gefitinib-resistant PC9/GR were analyzed by western blot using anti-TAZ antibodies. The levels of GAPDH were detected as loading controls. (B) Relative mRNAs of TAZ in lung cancer cell lines were examined by real-time PCR. The endogenous b-actin RNA was used as the internal control. (C) Nuclear fractions in PC9 and PC9/GR cell lines were analyzed by western blot. The levels of histone H3 were detected as loading controls. Densitometric evaluation of TAZ:H3 ratios is illustrated in graph beside. Data are shown as means ± SEM. n=3. Statistical analyses were carried out using Student’s t-test. Significance: * P<0.05. (D) Confocal microscopy of immunofluorescent staining of TAZ in PC9 and PC9/GR cells. Scale bar = 100 mm for original picture and 25 mm for inset. Dapi was used to stain nuclei.

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