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Figure 3

From: Expression of a Y-located human proto-oncogene TSPY in a transgenic mouse model of prostate cancer

Figure 3

Immunohistochemical analysis of TSPY, FOXA1 and AMACR expression in human prostatic cancer specimens. A-B, Immunostaining of AMACR (brown) in prostatic adenocarcinoma. Nuclei were counterstained by hematoxylin (blue). C-D, Immunostaining of TSPY (brown) in prostatic adenocarcinoma (adjacent section of A). Significant TSPY staining was observed in cancer cells, but faint or negative staining in the surrounding stroma. E-F, Immunostaining of FOXA1 (brown) in prostatic adenocarcinoma (section close to A in the same specimen). Strong signal of FOXA1 expression was observed in nuclei of adenocarcinoma cells. Asterisks indicate the common duct among A, C and E. G-H, Immunostaining of TSPY (brown) in PIN lesions. I-J, Immunostaining of FOXA1 (brown) in PIN lesions (adjacent section of G). Both TSPY and FOXA1 were expressed in adenocarcinoma cells and epithelial cells in PIN lesions. B, D, F, H and J represent the highly magnified views of the boxed area in A, C, E, G and I, respectively. Scale bar = 200 μm in A, C, E, G and I.

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