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Figure 4

From: Combination therapy of anti-cancer bioactive peptide with Cisplatin decreases chemotherapy dosing and toxicity to improve the quality of life in xenograft nude mice bearing human gastric cancer

Figure 4

ACBP-L or Cisplatin alone, or combined treatment suppresses metabolic activities in tumor baring animals and in live tumor cells in vivo . (a) Spleen weight of each mouse (n = 8) was measured after euthanasia. Mouse spleen index was calculated by mouse spleen weight (mg) divided by the mouse body weight (g). Data are presented as mean ± SD from eight mice in each group. Statistical significance was determined by Student t-test when compared with the control (*), ACBP-L (#), and combined treatment (+), p < 0.05. (b) 18F-FDG PET/CT fuse imaging (cross section) from a representative nude mouse of each group is presented (CT image, left; PET image, right). Radioactivity uptake represents the biological and metabolic activities of tumors (Target, T, black arrows) were compared with spine counts (Non-Target, NT) within the identical section, as the T/NT ratio. The T/NT ratio is significantly decreased in treated groups when compared with the control.

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