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Figure 1

From: Overexpression of MACC1 and Its significance in human Breast Cancer Progression

Figure 1

Expression of MACC1 is elevated in breast cancer. A. expression of MACC1 protein in each of the primary breast tumors (T) and adjacent normal breast tissue (ANT) samples paired from the same patients by Western blotting. B. Validation for the specificity of the antibody against MACC1. Breast cancer sections were immunostained with the MACC1 antibody alone (a) or previously incubated and thereby blocked with a recombinant MACC1 peptide (b). C. Representative IHC images of MACC1 expression in normal breast tissue and breast cancer specimens. MACC1 expression was only marginally detectable in normal breast tissues (a and b); (c) and (d)/ (e) and (f), representative images of low MACC1 expression in breast cancer tissues; (g) and (h)/ (i) and (j), representative images of high MACC1expression in breast cancer tissues.

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