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Table 2 The genetic characterization of the transcriptional modulator MazF , a chromosomal cell death factor from potential probiotic strains and some major food-borne pathogens used in this study

From: Phylogenetic identification of bacterial MazF toxin protein motifs among probiotic strains and foodborne pathogens and potential implications of engineered probiotic intervention in food

Organism Type of organisms Strains Protein accession (GenBank) Gene annotation
E. coli Pathogen EDL933 NP_289336.1 toxin ChpA
  Pathogen Sakai NP_311669.1  
  Antibiotic resistance B185 ZP_06660634.1*  
Enterobacter sp. pathogen 638 ABP60743.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF
Shigella dysenteriae pathogen Sd197 YP_405833.1* toxin ChpB
Citrobacter rodentium pathogen ICC168 YP_003366767.1* Toxin component of the ChpB-ChpS toxin-antitoxin system
Vibrio vulnificus pathogen CECT4999=R99 YP_001393091.1* growth inhibitor
Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. pathogen SLCC5334 YP_849071.1 PemK family transcriptional regulator
   FSL J1-208 ZP_05296226.1* PemK family transcriptional regulator
Listeria monocytogenes   SLCC3954 YP_003464028.1 transcriptional regulator, PemK family
   FSL S4-120 ZP_07870171.1 toxin-antitoxin system, antitoxin component, MazF family
Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str.     
Listeria marthii     
Listeria grayi pathogen DSM 20601 ZP_07054243.1* MazF family toxin-antitoxin system protein
Clostridium difficile pathogen 630 YP_001089981.1* putative regulator of cell growth
   QCD-66c26 ZP_05273557.1 putative regulator of cell growth
   CIP 107932 ZP_05323891.1 putative regulator of cell growth
Klebsiella variicola pathogen At-22 YP_003438577.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF pemK; protein PemK
   1_1_55 ZP_06548086.1  
Salmonella enterica subsp. arizonae serovar pathogen RSK2980 YP_001573441.1* hypothetical protein SARI_04525
Campylobacter showae pathogen RM3277 ZP_05364729.1 addiction module antitoxin, RelB/DinJ family
Campylobacter concisus pathogen 13826 YP_001466677.1 addiction module antitoxin
Campylobacter jejuni subsp. pathogen IA3902 ADC28395.1 prevent-host-death family protein
Campylobacter upsaliensis pathogen JV21 ZP_07894578.1* ChpA/MazF transcriptional modulator
Shigella flexneri 2a str. pathogen 301 NP_709188.1* PemK protein
Shigella flexneri 5 str.   8401 YP_690766.1 growth inhibitor, PemK-like, autoregulated
Cronobacter sakazakii pathogen ATCC BAA-894 YP_001436394.1 bifunctional antitoxin/transcriptional repressor RelB
Lactobacillus coleohominis probiotic 101-4-CHN ZP_05553821.1* regulatory protein
Bacillus megaterium probiotic QM B1551 YP_003560763.1* endoribonuclease EndoA
   DSM 319 YP_003595503.1  
Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis probiotic ATCC 35646 ZP_00740711.1* MazF protein
   KBAB4 YP_001643128.1 MazF protein
Bacillus weihenstephanensis   AH1134 ZP_03233130.1 PemK family
Bacillus cereus     
Coprobacillus sp. probiotic 29_1 ZP_08009764.1* PemK family transcriptional regulator
Enterococcus faecalis probiotic V583 NP_814592.1 PemK family transcriptional regulator
   TX0102 EFQ11602.1*  
     Toxin-antitoxin system, toxin compoment, MazF
   TX2134 ZP_07557645.1*  
     Toxin-antitoxin system, toxin compoment, MazF
   HH22 ZP_03985009.1  
     PemK family transcriptional regulator
Lactobacillus plantarum probiotic WCFS1 NP_786238.1* cell growth regulatory protein
Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic LMS2-1 ZP_04441477.1* cell growth regulatory protein
   Lc 705 YP_003175134.1 transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF
Lactobacillus johnsonii probiotic ATCC 33200 ZP_04007131.1* PemK family growth inhibitor
Lactobacillus crispatus probiotics CTV-05 ZP_07789240.1* ppGpp-regulated growth inhibitor
Lactobacillus gasseri probiotic ATCC 33323 YP_815460.1* toxin-antitoxin system, toxin component, MazF family
   224-1 ZP_06262236.1  
   MV-22 ZP_07711551.1  
Lactobacillus casei probiotic BL23 YP_001986080.1 Cell growth regulatory protein
Lactobacillus amylovorus probiotic GRL1118 YP_005854914.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin MazF
Vibrio cholerae probiotic 1587 ZP_01950611.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF
   NCTC 8457 ZP_01969676.1  
Pediococcus pentosaceus probiotic ATCC 25745 YP_805020.1* toxin-antitoxin addiction module toxin component MazF (an endoRNAse)
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens probiotic Y2 YP_006327269.1* Endoribonuclease
Bacillus pumilus probiotic SAFR-032 YP_001485694.1* PemK family growth inhibitor endoribonuclease EndoA
   ATCC 7061 ZP_03054587.1  
Lactobacillus sakei subsp. sakai probiotic Sakei 23K YP_396224.1 DNA-binding protein PemK family
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides probiotic ATCC 8293 YP_819271.1* toxin-antitoxin addiction module toxin component MazF
   ATCC 19254 ZP_03913232.1 PemK family growth inhibitor
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris     
Enterococcus faecalis probiotic TX0102 EFQ11602.1* toxin-antitoxin system, toxin component, MazF family
   TX0031 EFT96737.1  
Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis probiotic HN019 ZP_02964075.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF
Bifidobacterium bifidum probiotic NCIMB 41171 ZP_03645723.1 RelB antitoxin
Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum probiotic JDM301 YP_003660624.1* RelB antitoxin
   DSM 20213 ZP_06596513.1 toxin-antitoxin system protein
Bifidobacterium breve     
Bifidobacterium bifidum probiotic S17 YP_003938101.1 hypothetical protein with RelB antitoxin domain
Lactobacillus casei Probiotic ATCC 334 YP_807723.1 toxin-antitoxin addiction module toxin component MazF (an endoRNAse)
Lactobacillus casei Probiotic BL23 YP_001988635.1 Growth inhibitor
Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei Probiotic ATCC 25302 ZP_03963082.1* PemK family transcriptional regulator
Lactobacillus casei str. probiotic Zhang YP_003789562.1 toxin-antitoxin addiction module toxin component MazF
Lachnospiraceae bacterium probiotic 3_1_57FAA_CT1 ZP_08609193.1* hypothetical protein HMPREF0994_05199
Leuconostoc citreum Probiotic KM20 YP_001727503.1* growth inhibitor
Lactobacillus reuteri probiotic DSM 20016 YP_001270863.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF
   JCM 1112 YP_001841242.1 hypothetical protein LAR_0246
   MM2-3 ZP_03847756.1 PemK family growth inhibitor
Streptococcus sp. oral taxon 071 str. probiotic 73H25AP ZP_07458552.1* ChpA/MazF transcriptional modulator
Bacillus selenitireducens probiotic MLS10 YP_003700699.1* transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF
Bacillus halodurans probiotic C-125 NP_244588.1* ppGpp-regulated growth inhibitor (ChpA/MazF)
Enterococcus faecium probiotic DO ZP_05714797.1* PemK family protein
   TX0133a04 ZP_07845579.1 toxin component, MazF family
   TX0133C ZP_07850444.1 toxin component, MazF family
  1. *: data are presented in Figure 1.