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Figure 3

From: Oocyte-like cells induced from mouse spermatogonial stem cells

Figure 3

Gene expression analysis of SSCs-derived oocyte (SSC-Oocs) and embryos derived from SSC-Oocs. (A) RT-PCR analyses of the expression of GDF9, H1Foo, ZP3, and SCP3 in OG2-SSC-Oocs (Ovarian RNAs from a 30-day- old female were used as the control; ~150 SSC-Oocs of day 21 were collected for RT-PCR). (B) RT-PCR analyses showing the expression of Trim43a and Hmgpi in SSCs-derived embryos (embryos of E3.0 were collected from pregnant mice as a control; SSC-Emb, parthenogenetic embryos developed from SSC-Oocs). (C) PCR analysis of Sry gene in the genomic DNAs from mouse testis, ovary, and OG2-SSC-Oocs, EGFP was used as an internal control for all three genomic DNA samples prepared from OG2 mice. (D) RT-PCR analyses of the expression of Stella and MVH in the OG2-SSCs cultured for one week; mEBs (mouse embryoid bodies) were used as controls. (E) RT-PCR analyses of the expression of Nanos2 and Nanos3 in 5 days of culture of OG2-SSCs, mouse gonad tissue was used as a control.

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