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Table 2 α-type channels in L. hongkongensis and their closest homologues

From: Transport genes and chemotaxis in Laribacter hongkongensis: a genome-wide analysis

CDS Protein Closest match organism Best E-value Amino acid identity (%)
LHK_02933 Ammonium transporter L. nitroferrum 2.00E-146 73.18
LHK_03249 Ammonium transporter Shewanella halifaxensis 2.00E-118 62.32
LHK_03154 Ammonium transporter family protein L. nitroferrum 1.00E-163 78.99
LHK_02207 Flagellar motor protein MotA L. nitroferrum 1.00E-122 74.48
LHK_00970 Ion transporter C. violaceum 5.00E-78 58.96
LHK_02562 Large-conductance mechanosensitive channel Pelodictyon luteolum 2.00E-43 56.95
LHK_01830 Transmembrane protein C. violaceum 2.00E-109 57.52
LHK_01942 Mechanosensitive ion channel protein Janthinobacterium sp. Marseille 5.00E-79 41.26
LHK_02394 MscS Mechanosensitive ion channel L. nitroferrum 7.00E-55 48.95
LHK_02965 Transporter, small conductance mechanosensitive ion channel family E. coli O157:H7 5.00E-73 61.04
LHK_02739 Molecular chaperone DnaK C. violaceum 0 85.98
LHK_02206 OmpA/MotB domain protein L. nitroferrum 4.00E-97 75.46
LHK_01044 Urea transporter Methylobacterium extorquens PA1 1.00E-65 50.46
LHK_00053 TolQ-related transport transmembrane protein C. violaceum 1.00E-86 74.66
LHK_03174 TolR protein C. violaceum 5.00E-30 51.88
LHK_00499 Probable exbB-like biopolymer transport C. violaceum 4.00E-55 59.31
LHK_00498 Biopolymer transport exbD transmembrane protein Burkholderia pseudomallei 112 7.00E-36 55.88