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Table 6 CDSs of LhP1 and LhP8 from the L. hongkongensis HLHK9, and comparison of genome structures of LhP1 (reverse complement), LhP8 and E. coli P2 phage.

From: Virulence determinants, drug resistance and mobile genetic elements of Laribacter hongkongensis: a genome-wide analysis

P2 LhP1 LhP8 Function
Q LHK_00420 LHK_02579 Capsid portal protein
P LHK_00419 LHK_02580/LHK_02582 Large terminase subunit
O LHK_00418 LHK_02581/LHK_02583 Capsid scaffold
N LHK_00417 LHK_02584 Major capsid precursor
M LHK_00416 LHK_02585 Small terminase subunit
L LHK_00415 LHK_02586 Capsid completion
X LHK_00414 LHK_02587 Tail
Y - - Lysis - holin
K - - Lysis - endolysin
- LHK_00413 LHK_02588 Phage-related transmembrane protein
- LHK_00412 LHK_02589 Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00411 LHK_02590 Putative phage-related protein (hydrolase)
lysA - - Timing of lysis
lysB LHK_00410 LHK_02591 Timing of lysis
lysC - - Regulation of lysis
- LHK_00409 LHK_02592 Hypothetical protein
R LHK_00408 LHK_02593 Tail completion
S LHK_00407 LHK_02594 Tail completion
V LHK_00406/LHK_00405 LHK_02595 Baseplate assembly
W LHK_00404 LHK_02596 Baseplate assembly
J LHK_00403 LHK_02597 Baseplate assembly
I LHK_00402 LHK_02598 Baseplate assembly
H LHK_00401 LHK_02599 Tail fiber
- LHK_00400 LHK_02600 Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00399 LHK_02601 Mu-like prophage protein Com
- LHK_00398 LHK_02602 DNA adenine methylase
- LHK_00397 LHK_02603 Hypothetical protein
G - - Tail fiber assembly
Z/fun - - Blocks phage T5
FI LHK_00396 LHK_02604 Tail sheath
FII LHK_00395 LHK_02605 Tail tube
E+E' LHK_00394 LHK_02606 Tail
E LHK_00393 LHK_02607 Tail
T LHK_00392 LHK_02608 Tail
U LHK_00391 LHK_02609 Tail
D LHK_00390 LHK_02610 Tail
- LHK_00389 - Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00388 - Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00387 - Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00386 - Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00385 - Hypothetical protein
- - LHK_02611 Anthranilate synthase component I
- - LHK_02612 Hypothetical protein
- - LHK_02613 Hypothetical protein
- - LHK_02614 Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00384 LHK_02615 Hypothetical protein
Ogr LHK_00383 LHK_02616 Late promoter activator
- LHK_00382 LHK_02617 Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00381 - Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00380 LHK_02618 Hypothetical protein
- - LHK_02619 Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00379 LHK_02620 Cro/CI family transcriptional regulator
- LHK_00378 LHK_02621 Hypothetical protein
Int - - Integrase
C - - Immunity repressor
Cox - - Inhibits integration
B - - DNA replication
A LHK_00377 LHK_02622 DNA replication
- LHK_00376 - Hypothetical protein
- LHK_00375 - Hypothetical protein
- - LHK_02623 Hypothetical protein
- - LHK_02624 DNA binding protein, excisionase family
tin - - Blocks growth of T-even phages
old - - Blocks growth of phage lambda
- LHK_00374 LHK_02625 Integrase