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Table 4 Miscellaneous resistance genes in L. hongkongensis

From: Virulence determinants, drug resistance and mobile genetic elements of Laribacter hongkongensis: a genome-wide analysis

CDS Gene Product Organism with the closest matching sequence E-value Identities
LHK_00025 ksgA Dimethyladenosine transferase C. violaceum 1e-94 178/260 (68%)
LHK_00913   Arsenical-resistance protein Burkholderia oklahomensis 2e-65 153/183 (83%)
LHK_01038 crcB Camphor resistance protein CrcB Brucella abortus 2e-33 88/129 (68%)
LHK_01039 crcB Camphor resistance protein CrcB Y. pestis 3e-34 78/123 (63%)
LHK_01350 rarD RarD protein, chloamphenicol sensitive C. violaceum 2e-81 172/285 (60%)
LHK_02940 bacA Undecaprenol kinase, putative bacitracin resistance protein Burkholderia graminis 3e-83 174/278 (62%)