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Figure 5

From: Chloroquine treatment of ARPE-19 cells leads to lysosome dilation and intracellular lipid accumulation: possible implications of lysosomal dysfunction in macular degeneration

Figure 5

Chloroquine Effect on ARPE-19 Golgi and Mitochondria. (A-D) Mitochondria co-localization in (A-B) control and (C-D) 20 μg/ml-treated ARPE-19. There is no difference in MitoTracker staining (red) intensity, shape or localization between control (B) and treatment (D). Similarly, there were no noticeable changes in Golgi apparatus (E-H). Golgi co-localization of control (E-F) and 20 μg/ml chloroquine treatments. Golgi is stained with Golgin-97 antibody staining (green). Bar size = 25 microns.

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